Axial piston pumps

An axial piston pump is a hydraulic pump that has a number of pistons in a circular array within a cylinder block.

Types of axial piston pumps

There are two main types of axial piston pumps:

Bent Axis Pumps design

Bent Axis Pump design

If the pump shaft rotates, then the pistons and the cylinder block rotate with it. During operation, the pistons make a linear movement relative to the block. The distance of the stroke of the pistons depends on the angle of the block. In the distribution disk, crescent-shaped grooves are made, one of which is connected to the suction line and the other to the discharge line.

Swashplate piston pumps design

Swashplate piston pump design

The cylinder block is fixed to the pump shaft. Pistons are supported on a swashplate. When the shaft rotates with the block, the pistons due to the inclination of the disc will move in the cylinder block.

Axial piston pump flow

Pump flow Q is proportional to its working volume V and shaft rotation frequency n:

Pump flow

Axial piston pump in bent axis

Axial piston pump in bent axis design

The pistons move within the cylinder bores when the shaft rotates, dependent on the swivel angle.

The angle of the cylinder block determines the piston stroke.

Displacement volume

Axial piston pump in swashplate

Swashplate piston pump

The rotating displacement pistons are supported by a swashplate. The angle of the swashplate determines the piston stroke.

Displacement volume - Swashplate piston pump

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